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Enhance Email tool to Allow for Creating Draft Emails

There is an extensive need from customers to be able to create emails but not send them (right away at least). This would be an enhancement to the email tool to allow for checking a box to say "Save in Draft" and if that box was checked the send email functionality would not be called but the email would be created. 

7 - Meteor

Please also allow items to be save as outlook type files.


Hi @joshuaburkhow and @Emanuelis,


Thank you for the feedback and post! This is great feedback about one of our more used reporting tools. I've update this idea to include the proper tags to insure our Reporting Development team sees it once it's reached the necessary like count. If either of you haven't check out our Community Idea Guidelines yet please do as it provides a bit of information of what's needed to reach our product team.



7 - Meteor

Yes, why dont we have this.

5 - Atom

I have seen plenty of use cases dropped because of the lack of this feature.

Would be a definite win in processes which require a mandatory 4 eye of an email / minor edit before send.


12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

I've got a use case which needs this feature. In some organisations the users who will run the workflow won't have the authority to send the email (but they have Designer which automates the creation of the email), think about credit control. So it's important that a four-eye review process can take place like @Joel_Jose suggests.



6 - Meteoroid

I tried this and it works. I use Alteryx to create an *.eml text file with To, Subject & attachment(s) pre-populated. Then I use Alteryx to send the eml file to myself. I can review and just click to send the email:


Creating an Outlook/Thunderbird Draft Email including Attachments

5 - Atom

It is extremely useful especially for company users as it usually requires 4-eye check to send out emails with confidential data. Hence having this feature to create email draft would definitely help to reduce email traffic. It would be good if have the option to choose to save the draft in a local/shared drive/outlook draft folder.