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Enable support of W_String and VW_String in the Input tool, flat file input source

Currently, Input tool, Flat File format, only support String and V_String field data type.

Note: UTF-8 is a supported character set.


I would like to request W_String and VW_String be supported, given UTF-8 is a supported character set.


There is a workaround to do this, meaning Alteryx already does this, albeit through CSV input format, using a non-existent field separate, e.g., | is what I used, or in this link, the NUL or \0 character.

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Thank you for your feedback!  I've conducted a quick review of this idea to insure it has all the necessary components present for when the criteria is met for the idea to be submitted to product, and it looks good. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out our Submission Guidelines which go over the idea boards in a bit greater detail.