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Edit DB Connections

Hi there,


When you use DB connection aliases that are saved in Alteryx, it's currently not easy to edit them when you move a database to a different location.


Can we do something simliar to the "Edit Password" function, but which allows the user to also edit the database or server, so that this applies to all workflows using this alias?




Just ran across this issue, so I'm adding a comment as it seems like it hasn't had a lot of attention.

This functionality existed in older versions of Alteryx which had the "Alias Manager" screen, and you could easily change the connection for a given value.  This was really helpful for testing between different environments, or modifying a server path when required.

Now, this can only be accomplished by deleting the Connection and then adding a new one, which adds more room for error (like a typo in a connection name, or incorrectly deleting an old connection).


Agreed, this would be very helpful and only makes sense. 

The "Edit" dialog seems to suggest it's possible to change the connection name, but several attempts at this aren't working for me.  Seems like a bug.  



The current edit function is pointless as you can't edit anything.


Please add the ability to actually edit.