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Easier way to select/deselect/changing field type in Select Tool

When several fields are marked the marking of check box should apply to all selected fields. 

When changing Type the change should also apply to all selected fields.


There should also be shortcut keys for doing this.


This is a really common task and would save a lot of time. I'm actually really surprised it does not already exist in Alteryx Designer.



Status changed to: New Idea

Hi @AR


Have you seen the below configurations for the select tool (located in options)?


If you go to options you can choose de-select highlighted fields or change field type of highlighted fields.


Are you suggesting that if the fields are highlighted the check/uncheck automatically applies to all highlighted fields?





Hi @JessicaS


I do know about the different actions I can do in the Options menu, but I think that selecting/unselecting fields is such a common task that there should be quicker ways of accomplishing the same thing. 


Selecting or de-selecting multiple fields...can we get some help here?