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Easier enabling/disabling of containers

Can you put a check box on the container title bar to make it easier to enable/disable containers in the process window? And can you make the minimize/maximize option for a conatiner a separate option from enable/disable?

9 - Comet
Totally agree on this.  I often use containers to selectively turn off various inputs or outputs if I only want to run part of a module or reload one input without having to do all the others.  A quick way of enabling and disabling would be great@!
7 - Meteor
Agreed!  Intuitively, I keep looking for enable/disable on the right-click menu for the container, but it's not there!
11 - Bolide

It would be very useful and faster to have a process to "select icons", right click/disable instead of having to put them in a container for temp work.


There are a lot of times i just want to disable a section of workflow so the rest runs faster without needing to put everying in a container(or delete/copy to temp file etc), selecting disalbe then clicking off the container to collapse.  UX is not ideal.



5 - Atom

Yes !! it would be really nice to continue to see inside the container even if we select the enable/disable option... Like this, you can run part of your complete workflow and continue to see all of it. 

I use containers so many time and for instance i'm forced to minimize/maximize the container only with enable/disable option... just a bit boring 😄


8 - Asteroid

A toggle button on the header of a comment tool would speed dev up a lot. Today it so tedious.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Accepted

Thank you all for your ideas!

We're currently exploring these suggestions with our UX team and will soon be implementing a more user-friendly version of the enabling/disabling functionality.


We won't be able to get it in the next version, but should be able to have it ready for the following version (targeted for September-November of 2017).

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Implemented

We've added a toggle bar to the tool containers, so that you are now able to disable and enable a tool container from the canvas. Check it out in the 2018.1 release

Alteryx Certified Partner

Love seeing these go from ideas to delivered features!

5 - Atom

I'm all for minimize and maximize containers option. When the workflow is too complex, I'd like to minimize different parts and see just the high level steps. It will be easier to explain to others. And then I can maximize a container as needed to look at the details inside.


Being able to disable randomly selected tools even if they aren't in a container will be cool too.