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EXtending the help



Today I pressed F1 in the Output Tool to find out what the setting Transaction Size does. It turned out that this is not documented.


It would be a great idea to make a documentation that covers the options of a tool.





Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for bringing that to our attention! The information about the Transaction Size for the Output Data tool can be found on the Output Options Help page via a link on the Output Data tool page but we will work to make that information a bit easier to find. Thank you!

Alteryx Partner

You're right, now I was able to find it. I should have looked better.


By the way: your URL is broken. It should be:


My suggestion would be to make section on the page where one can find the pages that give more detail to the subject. A link hidden in a text is not always noticed.


Thanks for the reply.