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ESRI File Geodatabase

I would like to have the option to output to ESRI File Geodatabase format.  Any chance this will ever happen?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
When we implemented the ability to read an ESRI file Geodatabase their API only supported the Read functionality and not write.   We will do some digging and see if anything has changed in their API and will consider it for a future release.  This definitely not the first time we have had the request, thanks for your feedback.
Any update on the addition of this functionality?  Being able to write to File Geodatabases would really streamline our workflows.

 We would also very much appreciate the ability to be able to output data as a feature class within a File Geodatabase.  We already realize you can export to a Personal Geodatabase, but all of our analyses are done within a File Geodatabase, and we don't want to be restricted by the 2gb limit of a personal geodatabase.

File Geodatabases are the preferred ESRI geodatabase format and have become the defacto GIS industry standard. Forcing us to use the nearly obsolete personal geodatabase and its inherent limitations forces us to keep one foot in the past.


Thank you for considering this enhancement.


Please add this support to Alteryx.  Currently I am running an arcpy script with the Run Command tool to perform this function.  I believe export is supported by the latest API.


Is there any chance that we can expect this in Alteryx 11?

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