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Dynamic Rename -- Additional Functions

I think that it would be useful to add two new Rename Modes to the Dynamic Rename tool -- here are the existing ones:

I would add:
Take Field Metadata from Right Input Metadata
Take Field Metadata from Right Input Rows

These would allow mass changes in data type, size and scale based on either an existing data table's metadata or an external metadata table.

I don't want to keep replying to your feature requests with "I can do that with a macro".  So I'll say "I can *almost* do that with a macro" 🙂

The almost is that although I can make the functionality work I can't make the macro throw any field conversion errors that might occur from changing the metadata. 

It's made me realise what somebody wanted a few months back when they asked for a new macro feature, because now I want it too!  The ability to select tools within a macro whose messages will get made a medium or high priority (as per the message tool) and so escape the macro to be displayed to the user.

The work around is for the user of the macro to turn on "show all macro messages" in the module runtime properties, but that's not a very elegant solution... If anyone has any other ideas I'm all ears 🙂

Anyhow here is my attempt:


I have now released a version of this macro as part of my Blog Macro pack here:

and so have removed the download for the version above.



Saw this post and gave it a star. We have been using the Chaos Reigns within macro to do this but would be super handy to roll it into a standard tool. 

So thanks Adam for the macro, it has been very useful but also a great idea Tom!

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

I agree that the CReW macro is great. I use it all the thanks again @AdamR!

I also think that rolling this into an official tool is the ideal solution.

There are several threads...I believe that @SeanAdams is involved in one... that address why features like this should be in the native Alteryx tool:


  1. Official support means better (more efficient) code behind the scenes.
  2. Not everybody can just install something they download. IT departments can lock things down.

Fully agree with you @tom_montpool


In my mind, tools like the CREW macro, and some of the other contributions like James's formulae tools ( @jdunkerley79) and some of the really helpful items on the gallery are a great proving ground for new capabilities - but until they are rolled into the core product they cannot be used by many of your larger customers.


So - we are FULLY supportive of building the CREW macros into the core product, and additionally having a small group within Alteryx who are responsible for looking at community created tools or capabilities which are solving a core need, and main-lining them into the core product.