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Druid In-Db

From Wikipedia

Druid is a column-oriented, open-source, distributed data store written in Java. Druid is designed to quickly ingest massive quantities of event data, and provide low-latency queries on top of the data.[1] The name Druid comes from the shapeshifting Druid class in many role-playing games, to reflect the fact that the architecture of the system can shift to solve different types of data problems.

Druid is commonly used in business intelligence/OLAP applications to analyze high volumes of real-time and historical data.[2] Druid is used in production by technology companies such as Alibaba,[2] Airbnb,[2] Cisco,[3] eBay,[4] Netflix,[5] Paypal,[2], Yahoo.[6] and Wikimedia Foundation [7] 


More and more companies are going from Hive to Druid for Dataviz needs, maybe it's time to look for Druid Integration with Alteryx?


Agreed... We are close to adopting Druid and Imply for our BI needs. Enabling our consultants to connect and manipulate with Alteryx would be a big help

Alteryx Partner

To go further : Druid should be at least an option for the write data in db


What seems required :
-depending of the version create table or create external table

- a columun called "__time" that the developer could choose

-an instruction

STORED BY 'org.apache.hadoop.hive.druid.DruidStorageHandler';

And with that you can be the only dataprep tool to adress Druid !!