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Drop Table Tool

During the design phase, we make some experimentations and create tables with Alteryx.

But, sometimes, after this phase or after a mistake, we need to drop those tables.


We know that it's possible to write a drop table statement in Pre-SQL or Post-SQL but it requires SQL skills and it could be done only if you write in a table.


It will be great if we could drop a table directly in the Query builder of the Input tool by making a right click on the table in the discovery tree.


Extension : It also be great to have the same thing in the HDFS browse.

13 - Pulsar

It may bee good to have a tool for listing existing tables, creating dates and updated dates...

List and drop in conjunction with create would make Alteryx a DWH tool I presume...

5 - Atom

It would be really nice effectively if we could have a "IN-Db drop box". If you use Alteryx as Dataprep tool, you can sometimes cut your in-db workflow in many workflows... Each workflows can finally create some intermediate tables in HDFS and if you want conserv only the final table/result at the end of devs, we can't drop all these intermediates tables of HDFS.



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

 Hi All,


Thanks for the feedback- please continue to star if you'd like to see this!




13 - Pulsar


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

More broadly - I think that we need to extend the capability of Alteryx to look at the broader need of BI people.


For example - you can't sync two tables; you can't do a dimension update that takes care of Slowly Changing Dimensions, etc.


So I agree with the idea - and think that there's a much broader need here to extend Alteryx to the needs of the bigger BI shops who are using this not just as a prep tool, but as an ETL pipeline too.

7 - Meteor

+1 would really like some kind of tool-based way for non-SQL coders to drop tables.  Seems like such a simple addition.

8 - Asteroid


I completely agree and support @aweiss2k 's point.

If we could have tool based way to truncate, add, delete tables it would very helpful to Non-SQL people

12 - Quasar


Would be very useful. Also very affordable, maybe one day or two of a developer 😄

Best regards,