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Driving Distance Trade Area

The trade area tool currently allows for

  • Radius (miles)
  • Radius (Km)
  • Drivetime Minutes

We would like to see:

  • Driving Distance

2 benefits of this:

  • Mapping of driving distance polygons
  • Once polygon is created - then faster processing times of driving distance calculations
Alteryx Partner

This capability comes with the data option I presume...

Quick workaround may be a google API integration?


I did figure out a way to hack this.... Find the xml file TomTom_US_201X_QX. Within this file there are hard coded speeds for various types of RoadTypes.  I edited the TomTom US Night  speeds to all be 60 mph with the exception of the OffRoad roadtype.


This would be a very nice feature. In the healthcare industry driving distances are more of the standard than driving time, perhaps because miles are miles and time is dependent upon assumptions regarding speed which could be manipulated.