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Drawing Tools e.g. Line/Arrow, plus a few more



Please can we have some drawing tools, so we can add another dimension to our workflows.  I would like to draw arrows and lines across my workflow, so I can show the different stages of the workflow. I could use containers as an alternative, but feel lines would be better.


Also, is their a grid-line option, and a space equally (to spread tools evenly across work page), and an auto straighten!


Also, when you FIND, it would be nice if the Find box is allowed to stay on screen, whilst you work on the tool that has just been found; and if the founded tool can be highlighted more clearly so it can be seen. 


Also, a timer, so we can see how long the workflow runs for.


That's it for now. 


6 - Meteoroid

Yeah this would be really helpful from a documenting point of view

5 - Atom

Adding drawing is really a no-brainer, please implement

5 - Atom

Would love to see this implemented!

5 - Atom

I also found this thread looking for drawing tools.

I'd really like the ability to show the type of relationship between salesforce objects by adding standard relationship arrows

7 - Meteor

I concur. I am working on automating audit reporting and would like to add instructions with arrows. I really thought that would be a no brainer for any development team. 

6 - Meteoroid

This is a great idea. It would be especially useful for training people remotely via screenshare.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Accepting Votes
7 - Meteor

Just went looking for a drawing tool to assist with documentation.  Just need the basics - lines, arrows, etc., with color selection.

5 - Atom

Any updates on this? It would a great feature.