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Drawing Tools e.g. Line/Arrow, plus a few more



Please can we have some drawing tools, so we can add another dimension to our workflows.  I would like to draw arrows and lines across my workflow, so I can show the different stages of the workflow. I could use containers as an alternative, but feel lines would be better.


Also, is their a grid-line option, and a space equally (to spread tools evenly across work page), and an auto straighten!


Also, when you FIND, it would be nice if the Find box is allowed to stay on screen, whilst you work on the tool that has just been found; and if the founded tool can be highlighted more clearly so it can be seen. 


Also, a timer, so we can see how long the workflow runs for.


That's it for now. 


13 - Pulsar

that maybe really useful... would you be kind enough to provide some prototype visuals?

What's on your mind?

7 - Meteor

I am trying to draw an arrow to a particular tool where I am adding a comment. I want to be clear that the comment is very specific to this tool. Here is another thread where this idea once lived and has since been deactivated.

5 - Atom



I also am looking to draw an arrow to add to the documentation. I clicked through to the link and it seems that the idea was made inactive due to lack of support/attention. As per community admin comment, "However, this doesn't mean your idea won't be implemented! The Community can still like and comment on this idea. With enough renewed interest, this idea can be brought back into the 'New Idea' status." I've given it a like and will add to the comment with my thoughts and quick example drawn up. I encourage you to do the same! However, failing this, I am considering making a new suggestion of similar idea as I think this is a relatively simple change that will be well worth the enhanced capabilities for users that are looking to really improve the quality of their documentation and workflow. 


Anyway, as I said, I've given it a like and will add to the comment thread - encourage you to do the same if you may also find this useful!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



@VN_Meist, you're completely correct in that the idea was pushed to Inactive due to a lack of engagement and interaction from the Community. The best way to bring the idea out of the Inactive status and back into our product team's attention would be to return activity to the idea through likes and comments.


However I would advise against creating a new idea without the scope or a portion of the idea changing. 'Duplicate' ideas can negatively impact the desired feature's ability to get brought to our product team's attention since it can split our product teams and the Community's focus. 


Thank you!




8 - Asteroid

Thanks for the likes.


The idea for this was so we could add a level of dimension to the workflow.  Once the workflow is created, you want to add a level of detail this is not part of the tools, but allows the creator to be dynamic, write notes, add arrows/lines - almost a smarter version of Paint.  Maybe a tick-box that allows shows all and remove, so once the testing is completed, we don't need to keep every line/note etc.


What is also required, is a tool that allows you to highlight part of a workflow and only run this part.  I don't want to add container etc, (but this is very similar).


Still need to work on the FIND function too... The box needs to stay open whilst you find the tool etc.




13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

I like this idea

7 - Meteor

I am attempting to do this now and stumbled upon this thread - would love to see this added!

7 - Meteor

I would love to see this feature added! I work in Internal Audit and we have been implementing Alteryx into a large amount of our audits/projects. Being in audit we need to record our work, and save it so that I can be reviewed at any time by anyone in our department. I currently use the comment tool in an attempt to lay out the process of the workflows, and what each step is doing (as not everyone in our department understands how Alteryx works). The addition of a tool that can provide an easier way to explain workflows and save as PDF/screen shot would be fantastic. 

5 - Atom

I really like this idea!   Please implement!

6 - Meteoroid

Was looking to do the same as described in the initial post when I came across this thread. This would be incredibly helpful from both a teaching and documentation standpoint. I need to be able to explain to someone new to a particular workflow what is going on and why certain decisions were made during the development process.