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Download tool improvements

Hi team,

There are some things that we would like to do with the download tool that currently are not possible:


1. use client side certificates to sign requests. This is a requirement for us in a project where we are interacting with the API of our customer's financial system. They provide us with a certificate and it is used to sign our requests, along with other authentication.Currently we have to use the external command tool to execute a powershell script using invoke-restmethod to do this interaction. I would much prefer to not have more tools in the chain.

Client certificates are described in the TLS 1.0 specification: (page 43), and I believe them to be supported by cURL.


2. Multipart form-data. We have a number of workflows where we need to send multipart form data as part of a POST request. As this is not supported by the Download Tool, we have again used the external command tool to execute invoke-restmethod or invoke-webrequest in powershell. I don't know if modification of the Download Tool would be the best thing here, vs having either a dedicated tool for multipart form data, or having an HTTP POST specific tool that was able to handle multipart form data. What I envisage is something like the formula tool, with the ability to add an arbitrary number of cells, where we could use formula to either directly output a value from a column, synthesise a new value, or directly enter a static value). The tool would then compose this with boundaries between the parts, and calculate the content-size to add to the http request.

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Thank you for your idea! I've conducted a quick review of this idea to insure it has all the necessary components present for when the criteria is met for the idea to be submitted to product, and it looks good. For anyone interested in ideas similar to this be sure to check our out Category Developer label and to check out our Submission Guidelines which go over the idea boards in a bit greater detail.