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Download tool - Allow Windows Authentication

Please add support for windows authentication to the download tool.  I know there's a workaround but that involves using curl and the run command tool.  The run command tool is awful and should be avoided at all costs, so please improve the download tool so I can use internal APIs.

7 - Meteor

Hello Alteryx, 

can you please give us an update on this idea? 
I also found multiple requests in the forum.



10 - Fireball

We definitively need this ! 

I made some research and I can see that couple of other ideas suggest the them... 


1 –

2 –





Alteryx team, please look into this.. Not only there are 5 ideas for this, I've also found dozens of post about people discussing about this. Workaround for this issue are difficult and slow. 

Exemple of dicussions around the topic : 

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Accepting Votes