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Download Tool - support corporate proxy

Hi there,


The download tool currently does not work if the user is behind a corporate proxy setup - and the only way to download web-content is using CURL.

This is a significant impediment because this prevents almost all corporate alteryx users from being able to access this capaibilty


Could you please look into using the proxy settings that the workstation uses to access the internet in a corp env?


thank you



Hi all,

Any possibility of getting an updated version of the download tool, which works behind a corporate proxy, released before the end of the year?


For anyone currently in a corporate environment, behind a corporate proxy - the download tool is essentially useless for any external sites, and the only way to get access to external websites is by using a hack with CURL (which is beyond the means of most users, and should not be necessary)


Thank you 



cc: @Ned @AshleyK 


Hey @TashaA


This is the issue we mentioned that Alteryx does not currently work in environments that use a PAC file setup or other kinds of corporate proxy.


This impacts not only the ability to call external web assets and APIs, but it is also now impacting the new licensing method.


Status changed to: Accepted

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Community. This is on our roadmap in the next few quarters. We'll include the support in the release notes when we ship. 


@TuvyL + @JulieM + @TashaA + @TedF + @BradW + @LizaNemchynova


Hey Tuvy - thank you for your time this evening!


This is the matter we were discussing.   Alteryx has historically not supported corporate proxy setups - and this was originally more of a nuisance because that the Download tool could not be used for anything outside of our firm (only for internal APIs).


However - with the 2018.2 release using a different licensing mechanism which requires a punch-out through the proxy, we've realised that we cannot upgrade to 2018.2 at all because of this issue.


So this has now changed in nature from an inconvenience to a blocker for us to use 2018.2 and onwards until the support for Corporate Proxy is included.


Is there any possibility of a patch release being built quickly that can address this need for all the large enterprises that use PAC?


Thank you



Hi Alteryx guru, any updates on when we can have a patch release for this issue?  The download tool is useless without the support for PAC type proxy.