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Distribute Tools Horizontally/Vertically


It would be nice if we can arrange some tools on the canvas neatly by one click and having them distributed evenly (horizontally/vertically).


See this picture which worth thousand words.


Dsitribute Tools Horizontally/Vertically.jpg

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

There are a couple of ideas in this post. 


First, aligning tools vertically or horizontally (without using the keyboard shortcuts). This is now available! 

AlignMenuOptions.pngAlign Menu Options



Second, distributing the tools evenly. @khaiwong demonstrated this in an image in the original post. If you are interested in the even distribution of tools, I'm curious about the canvas user settings you currently use. Do you use snap to grid? Do you show the grid? 


Cool idea!  You all have no idea how many hours I spend aligning tools into the perfect grid.  


I have to admit that part of the reason this feature's important to me is I'm a perfectionist / neat freak. I feel like I can't be the only one given one of the main uses of Alteryx is to clean and prep data for analysis, which seems like it would lend itself to the obsessive types. Or maybe it's me... 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Coming Soon

Thanks so much for your feedback. I'm happy to say that this will be shipping in our release this summer. 




It's great that Alteryx has align vertical/horizontal, but has there been any progress made to include distribute vertical/horizontal?





@iamfainny Pretty sure on another thread somewhere on the Community I read this feature was getting released sometime of the first half of this year. Sorry I don't have the link handy. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@iamfainny Yes. You'll see it in the release this summer. 


@Brad2 You read that it is coming in this thread. It's completed and in testing before release. 


@RachelW Is there a badge I can earn for least helpful comment on the forum? Maybe a dunce cap?

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@Brad2 There might be a badge, but you definitely don't need it! Thanks for jumping in and responding! 


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@RachelW @Brad2 thank you!! Looking forward to it as my OCD is getting in the way.