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Distribute Tools Horizontally/Vertically


It would be nice if we can arrange some tools on the canvas neatly by one click and having them distributed evenly (horizontally/vertically).


See this picture which worth thousand words.


Dsitribute Tools Horizontally/Vertically.jpg

9 - Comet

Alignment options would be nice as well to clean things up.  

6 - Meteoroid

@mcarrico, there are keyboard shortcuts for alignment.


To align selected tools horizontally, press Ctrl+Shift+ -

To align selected tools veritcally, press Ctrl+Shift+ +

9 - Comet

Oh wow, thanks for letting me know.  Never saw it in a ribbon or from the right click menu, but the keyboard shortcut is even better.  Thanks so much!

5 - Atom

As khaiwong pointed out, there are hot keys for doing this, but I only recently learned about them.  It would be nice to add this to the "right click" context menu.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review
9 - Comet

Somewhat Tangentially how about an Alteryx Beautifier!  One click beautfication of either selected items or the whole workflow.

* Avoids spaghetti beziers

* aligns to grid other tools along the path

* distributes evenly

* might scales the workflow with all inputs at the top (vertically) or left (horizontally) and cascade through the workflow

14 - Magnetar

This is a great idea; a distribute horizontal tool would save me a lot of time. 

5 - Atom

Agreed with the distribute and context menu. 


We like to neaten workflows up to be able to print for documentation creation (along with lots of comments and annotations!)

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

this would be a good complement to the align horizontally / vertically that was shipped in 11!

7 - Meteor

SAS EG and Visio both have auto-arrange features that resemble the functionality described, namely not only aligning tools on the canvas, but distributing them, as well as pin/snap-in options.


Would be interested in hearing whether Alteryx has any plans to build this out.