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Disable Capability for Browse Everywhere

I think there should be the ability to turn on and off the “Browse Everywhere” function.  I have found that my temp drive is filling up faster than it did before this most recent addition and, while I think Browse Everywhere is fantastic for QA, I don’t necessarily need it working in every workflow I run.


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @erigal


If you go to Options -> User Settings -> Advanced


Then you can override the 'Tool Results Settings' and set the memory limit per anchor to 0, which if I'm correct doesn't create temp 'browse anywhere' files.




Thanks, @joe_lipski! 

This is a solution to prevent Browse Everywhere from creating temp files for any of my workflows, but I would like to have the capability to turn off just Browse Everywhere for specific workflows instead of having to adjust my user settings each time.  Similar to how tool containers can now be disabled from running within the workflow, when needed. 

When I'm creating a new workflow, I like having Browse Everywhere to QA, but don't necessarily need it for established workflows I run on a regular basis.  It is going to be a real pain to have to remember to go in there and turn the setting on and off each time I need it or don't.

For now, I will go with your suggestion, which works just fine other than the inconvenience of having to switch on and off depending on workflow.

Thanks, again!


You can also check "Disable All Browse Tools" in the runtime properties (in workflow configuration.)  That disables all browse tools as well as browse everywhere for a specific module to save temp space.


All that said, by default Browse Everywhere by default uses 1MB per connection.  For even a fairly large module that should be under 1GB of temp space because of it.