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Disable Auto Configuration Should Be A Workflow Level Setting, Not A User Level Setting

 Hi Alteryx Devs - 


Doing a simple, but cumbersome workflow with a lot of database inputs.  It was going slow, and every time I tried to paste something into it from another workflow, I'd get lock ups. Get the 'Workflow must be run for field meta info to be accurate' error. Google tells me that I need to check the 'Disable Auto Configuration' option.  OK.  It is in user settings, but this means for my other workflows that don't have problems like this (i.e., 99% of my workflows), I'll have that functionality applied when it really is only a problem for the minority. 


Should be a relatively simple fix to give this option at workflow properties time instead of user settings time. 




14 - Magnetar

I totally agree that having this option as a workflow setting would be really helpful.

I also think that it would be helpful to have an option when opening workflows to "Open with auto configuration disabled".  I have encountered issues that I had to support in the past where a user's password was included in a workflow or alias, and auto configuration locked their account by trying to connect once for each data source.  Having an option to not run this config on open would remove a lot of painful workarounds that i've had to implement in the past that usually amount to breaking connection strings inside the xml itself to edit these connections.

12 - Quasar

Agree fully

6 - Meteoroid

I'm all for this! In particular, I have Auto Config issues with only some connectors but many of my workflows are totally fine with Auto Config enabled. It's just those few ones that are a real pain.

8 - Asteroid
I concur
7 - Meteor

Absolutely, would be very handy.

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

I just found this idea and think it would be great!

8 - Asteroid

Definitely would be a great option to have!

7 - Meteor

I would really appreciate this feature.  I have a workflow that executes several functions in PostgreSQL in the input tool / pre-sql.  Every time I open the workflow it executes the functions, if I forget to turn auto-configure off.  It's pretty tough to remember to turn it off before opening a specific workflow... since I need it turned on for all workflows except this one.

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Agreed, great idea to have it be workflow specific!