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Desktop Icon to Run an App/Workflow in Gallery

One thing I have noticed is that for some of the end-users of the apps I have in the gallery is that running the app from server is enough of a barrier that they don't use it at all. I have had to send links repeatedly to gallery, to apps on server for them to run them.


What I would love is a way to create a custom desktop icon (bear with me - I don't have the lexicon.) that an end-user would open and it would launch the app in the server directly (I'm assuming this would be opening a browser of choice, opening the app/workflow to the screen where it gives you the option to 'Run/Download/Schedule'  rather than accessing it through a shared collection in the Gallery through a browser.

Possible extensions of this are the ability to create an app for a mobile device where they can access an app/workflow on server directly to run it from a phone/ipad.

This is something we'd love to see Alteryx deliver. Many users don't have powerful desktops and running from the server is the more efficient option. I'd suggest implementing the run on server button that would queue the workflow xml (as is) to the server and the server would feed the outputs or, more easily, direct users to a results page.

@ephij  my idea is still to have it running on Server -- it's that it would be an icon that could be used to launch the workflow/application on Server, bypass the whole interface part where you have to select the workflow and hit 'run' -- and it would run the workflow/app for you. It still would be using the processing power of the server.