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Default setting to hide annotations

The canvas has 3 options as demonstrated by exhibit A:



The user settings can change 2 of the 3 defaults as demonstrated in exhibit B. The layout default and connection settings progress can both be defaulted for all new workflows:



Thus, I would propose that a user setting be added to the annotation box so that I can set the default to hide.


Mic DropMic Drop

6 - Meteoroid

yes we need this, everytime i start a new workflow i have to change this, i almost never want to see annotations.

7 - Meteor

Please allow us to default hide annotations....

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5 - Atom

Can we reactivate this idea? it now has 17 likes.

Status changed to: New Idea

Hi @smadariaga ,


Thank you for your comment! You're correct this has hit over 10 likes, which is the necessary count to return the idea to the new idea status. The status has been updated. 

5 - Atom

Manually flipping off each time we started developing a new workflow seemed a non-issue at first.  As utility and activity has increased, however, it is definitely something that seems to warrant a user-selected default.  Maybe even a shortcut-key to toggle on and off 🙂