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Default Format for Comment Boxes

Similar to how the Tool Container Defaults can be set on the Document tab of User Settings, it would be nice to be able to set the Comment box defaults here as well. I find that I change the Colour & Size every time I add a comment, and would appreciate if this could just be set as a default.
5 - Atom

Hi there,

this requirement will help my users a lot. They write their comments in Hebrew and unless they change the font to Hebrew font, the comment won't appear correctly. That's why it will be much easier if they won't have to change the font every time they want to write a comment.


Thank you,


9 - Comet

I would really appreciate template format for comment boxes.  Would be great to be able to do something like this:


Workflow Name:  the name

Author:   myname

Create Date: today

Description:  a concise description as to what it does


The above would be the content, but I would like it in a nice table with a coloured background.

Would be great to be able to embed variables into this template so they are auto populated from the workflow's metadata, e.g. the name, the author user name, the create date...