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Date Sorts



Am I the only one that finds it frustrating that when you are summarising values by dates that all the natural sorting is lost.  A good example is using the DateTimeFormat function to strip out the days so that you can get monthly totals but this is then saved as a string so time-related ordering is then lost.  Is it possible to add the ability to summarise by time periods (weeks, months, quarters, etc....) and for the natural progression of time / days to be maintained as I am constantly having to reinvent the order.


In addition, it would be useful if we could extend this to provide time-based running totals so for example one tool could be configured to point at transaction data (date & value) and would automatically summise the Jan value and then monthly year to date value by period (selected as weekly, monthly, etc...) up to the max date value in the dataset.


Just a thought,


5 - Atom

No you aren't the only one I share your pain.  Please share if you have found a resolution.


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