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Datawarehouse Macro's

We are starting to use Alteryx as a full ETL DW build tool (and blogging about it too..)


Compared to other tools in the market there do not seem to be the usual SCD(slowly changing dimension) and other "standard" tools or templates to start building.


It would be great to have a template/Macros/guide to starting to build a DW solution. It is rather daunting starting with a blank page!



12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar
What's the link to your blog on this topic?
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
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This is an interesting idea and is something that I think we've heard about from others in terms of metadata management.  Would be interested to hear if there are others that are looking for similar functionality.



7 - Meteor


I have only just started this but intend to update every couple of days. Will endeavour to add diagrams and pics to explain thoughts too.


Feel free to share link.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

This is something that comes up from time to time with other clients, I have blogged on items such as SCD:


I'd also like to start putting together a blogging guide to DW via Alteryx, the challenges come from where to start and what level to hit. @neil_randall what would you like to cover? My thoughts:



Primary Key tracking / updates

Process Logging

Full refresh vs Incremental


In terms of macros every requirement is subtely different, I think it's going to be hard to create a set of macros but we can show the underlying principles and how quick it is for you to build out macros to do your specific requirements in Alteryx. 


Look forward to hearing thoughts from you and others on this subject.

12 - Quasar



I‘d love to use Alteryx as ETL tool for any DW projects when we see below features


  1. A tool for handling SCD Types
  2. CDC(change data capture ) for incremental load
  3. Ability to run the workflow’s piece of logic in sequence or control the order of execution which I raised here ( )
  4. New tool for Executing SQL code such as stored procedure with accepting parameters (both input , output) as we keep DW in RDBMS
  5. Have mechanism for logging meta data of all workflow events starttime , endtime ,error message raised by tool, executedby (User) and we can choose logging these details to store in  file or database system for further troubleshooting of ETL execution 
  6. Ability to store the Values in a user variable at run time, so that user can use the value at run time for ETL. For example when I do incremental load I can store the last processed date in a variable and pass it to my procedure to fetch the data after the last processed date (related to point 4)
  7. For loop for conditional loop and for each loop to loop over the file in a directory ( I know we can write a macro, but still looking for a native support from tool)

hope these optiones will help us to start with typical ETL with Alteryx 🙂

8 - Asteroid

We are also looking for better Stored Procedure support (eg accepting parameters) for SQL Server.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

We are new to Alteryx but are certainly interested in the possibility of using it for ETL in addition to the usual BI/Analytics applications.


As we're new, I can't do much more than register interest in the idea.



Alteryx Partner

I've come accross change data capture being mentioned in RFPs when we told clients Alteryx does data blending and can be used as an ETL tool...

So I second the idea of developing DWH Macros, even we can have a district for that...


Gartner shared Alteryx position in a recent slide... at the intersection of ETL, BI and Analytics...

I believe recent visualisation and reporting development + predictive district and macros should be balanced with more ETL and data quality related developments to keep Alteryx in the crossection...




Alteryx Partner

Blog seems not up-to-date,, any updates on this anyone?

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Fully agree with the need for native support of basic DW needs such as:
- Synchronise tables


- Conform to a dimension


Looking at what Tableau just announced this week at TC17, project Maestro then brings in the other piece - making data blending & cleaning visual and simple for users.