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Dark Mode

Please add a toggle for Dark Mode as Alteryx, after all these years of using it, is burning out my retinas. 


The OS and most apps have a Dark Mode theme so flipping back to a bright white canvas is very jarring.  I tried to adjust the canvas colors in a more muted way but never can get it to work satisfactorily and still be as easy to read as the retina burning default.  


Status changed to: Accepted

Research on Dark Mode implementation is underway! Please be patient - this will be a big one... but we definitely hear you, and we are very excited to be coming to the Dark Side! 😎




5 - Atom


7 - Meteor

This is awesome news.

10 - Fireball

Yay can't wait to use dark mode! Any suggestions for a canvas RGB setting that works well with the other colors (tools, containers, connections, etc.)??