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Crew Macro Pack List Runner macro goes into infinite loop on Windows 10 Enterprise

In this blog post, Mark mentioned there is report of Runner macros not working correctly on Windows 10 Enterprise. So I decided to create test workflows to reproduce this error. I've attached 4 files, which you'll need to download and place in a folder to reproduce this error.


Here is the error I produced. The ListRunnerDriver.yxmd goes into an infinite loop.

Alteryx Designer error messages.jpg











Here is the state of the folder is when I aborted the ListRunnerDriver.yxmd.

project folder state after aborting ListRunnerDriver.yxmd.jpg










I wasn’t able to reproduce this error with 1 child workflow, which isn’t how we use List Runner macro. So if you did your testing with 1 child workflow, you would not have seen an error.


After I added a 2nd child workflow is when the error occurred, which is how we typically use List Runner macro, more than 1 child workflows.


NB: I used only List Runner and Log Parser macros from the Crew Macros Pack. 


Steps to reproduce the errors:


1. Create a folder

2. Copy all attached files in say folder.

3. Open ListRunnerDriver.yxmd

4. Run ListRunnerDriver.yxmd.

5. Look for errors.


ListRunnerChild.yxmd and ListRunnerChild2.yxmd each are a simple workflow with 2 tools: Text Input and Output tools. They write to 2 different Excel workbooks. In this case, only the ListRunnerChild.yxmd produced an output.


When List Runner macro tried to run ListRunnerChild2.yxmd is when the infinite loop started.


The ListRunnerDriver.Log.xlsx has the messages, but in this case, with the infinite loop and errors, this output is never written.



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There is an open Alteryx support case on this defect: 00285081.

I'm posting up this defect so others may be aware of this defect with Windows 10 Enterprise.