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Create and Share In-Database Connection from Gallery

It would make life a bit easier and provide a more seamless experience if Gallery admins could create and share In-Database connections from "Data Connections" the same way in-memory connections can be shared.


I'm aware of workarounds (create System DSN on server machine, use a connection file, etc.), but those approaches require additional privileges and/or tech savvy that line-of-business users might not have.



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Alteryx Partner


just to complète your idea : why only the admin? If it's only the admin, does it mean also the sharing of credentials?

I see the solution like that :
-connection publishing as a user permission (allowed/denied). You can choose if you want to share the connection.
-you can store or not the credentials in the connection
-if user A publish a connection without credentiels, user B can store his own credentials either on the gallery, User C can also store his own credentials, etc..