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Create Python integration into Python Tool in Alteryx

Python pandas dataframes and data types (numpy arrays, lists, dictionaries, etc.) are much more robust in general than their counterparts in R, and they play together much easier as well. Moreover, there are only a handful of packages that do everything a data scientist would need, including graphing, such as SciKit Learn, Pandas, Numpy, and Seaborn. After utliizing R, Python, and Alteryx, I'm still a big proponent of integrating with the Python language much like Alteryx has integrated with R. At the very least, I propose to create the ability to create custom code such as a Python tool. 


They said at Inspire 2017 that this is coming in the near future.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

 Hello @aHogancamp


Thank you so much for posting your idea. We also think Python is great at Alteryx and now have a beta version of the Python SDK available.


You can find documentation for that here! 


The SDK allows you to create a custom tool that uses Python for the run-time. Does this fulfill your idea, or were you thinking more along the lines of a tool, similar to the R tool? 




Where can I find the Python SDK?




This is the link I found with the links to the specific SDKs. This link suggests that the SDK is still in beta, but I don't know if that's accurate anymore or not.


The SDK is still in Beta as of 2018.1, but I think it should be fully released sometime this year.