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Create Office 365 Email tool to Oauth 2.0 Authentication

This year, Microsoft updated improve their API (GraphAPI) to access Office365 enviroment.


Alteryx have launched on Microsoft District in Public Gallery the Dataverse , Onedrive & Sharepoint Connectors.


Alteryx must develop as soon as possible an connector/email with same authenticator options as connectors Above and improve the emails settings.



It´s important to release and documentation to show wich permissions on Azure it's necssary to send the emails. 




Microsoft Announce: 


Azure Permissions: 

11 - Bolide

@Jérémie  this was implemented in alteryx 2202.3 :) using DCM :)

Status changed to: Implemented

Updating Idea statuses - this feature has been implemented as of 2022.3 release! You can now authenticate to Microsoft Exchange Online with OAuth via DCM. For more details, please see help documentation for the Email tool!