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Convert to Macro

When looking at a complex canvas - my first instinct is to group this into sub-modules (e.g. "/load Data"; "clean data") to make this simpler to understand.


We mostly do this through the use of Containers.

However - it would be more useful if you could then take an entire container and convert this to a macro.    This would be very similar to the way that Visual Studio allows you to take a block of code and convert it to a sub-procedure.


This would be a super-quick way to allow people to make canvasses more maintainable and easier to understand and test!


Thank you 


5 - Atom

Very good idea, please make this a reality!

8 - Asteroid

I support this idea. Maybe instead of a real macro one can extend the container in a way that it has input and output anchors as soon as we collapse it (and maybe that we also have to opportunity to add a logo or something).

5 - Atom

Good idea. I would like to have it.

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

I love this idea not only because of ease of use, but also in reverse. Debugging a macro from a clean workflow (right click - open macro) is tough without the offending data.