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Convert SOAP based Salesforce connectors to REST API Saleforce connectors

The challenge:

We have hundreds of SOAP based Salesforce (SF) connectors in our scheduled modules that were created with Alteryx 9.0-9.5. Alteryx 10.0+ is now using REST API based SF connectors. We have to replace all of these connectors when we move to 10.0+.


Proposed idea:

Alteryx creates an automated process for converting SOAP SF connectors to REST API SF connectors, so that when you open an old module in 10.0+, they are automatically updated.


This seems feasible as the information supplied by Alteryx users for the SOAP SF connectors is sufficient for the REST API SF connectors to work (i.e. URL, username, password, security token, table name, fields, WHERE clause, etc...).




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Jeremy,


Thanks for the suggestion. Please note that you do not have to replace your connectors while upgrading to Alteryx v10. Existing workflows will still work with the v9.5 SalesForce connectors.


The new SalesForce connector is a first iteration and we'll very much welcome your feedback as well as others in the community as we plan to keep improving it.


Converting existing workflows is something we discussed. At this time we felt that we could not guarantee the success of an automatic conversion and decided to go for a 'soft rollout' where existing workflows would continue to run with the existing one while users would gradually upgrade to the new conenctor while developing a new workflow or maintaining and existing one.


As we keep iterating on the new connector, we'll re-visit that situation.


Keep the feedback coming!



Thanks for the quick feedback JC, this approach makes sense.

We'll be sure to give 10.0 a try on a different machine and provide some feedback soon.




One comment I would have is that I cannot see the connection properties on v10 SF input tool once I am connected and have defined my table/query.

We use SF live and sandbox and it would be nice to see the connection properties even once connected - now I can only see table/query.

I noticed when I click on the SF input tool, I can see my connection proporties for a fraction of a second, then it just shows table/query. Only this way am I able to see if I was connected to live or sandbox - unless I missed something?