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Control Order of Execution of Workflow Objects (Container)


Wanted to control the order of execution of objects in Alteryx WF but right now we have ONLY block until done which is not right choice for so many cases 

Can we have a container (say Sequence Container) and put piece of logic in each container and have control by connecting each container?
Hope this way we can control the execution order
It may be something looks like below 

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We are getting close to 4 years 😉


When people want to control their containers, I think they should be sent in a good direction of converting their Containers to Macros.


On the left-click menu for Containers add a function called “Convert to a Macro”, which is only taking a combination of the Container’s Inputs and Outputs and converting them all to the “Macro Input” and “Macro Output” tools in a new workflow.


With all the Containers converted to a Macro, then all the other Alteryx Tools can be used with then to order the sequences and allowing all of them to logically flow together like the built in Alteryx Tools.


@Darryl5280 I've tried using macros to control tool execution order. It didn't work as expected. I think Alteryx reads the tools out of a macro then inserts them into the overall order of execution as it sees fit.


@EEdLoh @Darryl5280 In order for the macro to fully block its interior processes, it has to be a batch or iterative macro, not a standard macro. Batch macros will guarantee each and all iterations are complete before passing any records to the output stream. With this method, even independent, unconnected streams within the macro will be fully complete before downstream processes start.


See for a working example.