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Alteryx Designer Ideas

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Consider adding a full screen view under View

I would like to see a Full Screen View under View on the Menu Bar.  Once selected your workflow would show full screen with out all the other side and bottom windows.  You could leave just the Menu bar showing so the workflow could be ran.  This would be nice for presenting/teaching.  Also, maybe have it default to cntrl 0 so the entire workflow is showing.  Zooming in and out could still be done.  Then to Exit. Go back to View and uncheck Full Screen.  This would be easy and, I think, helpful.


or alternatively do like Visual Studio does, where the panels for properties or results or interface can slide away and hide themselves until you hover over them again.


Yes, I like that idea.  Like PhotoShop LightRoom.  Have a setting for auto hide and a arrow that hides it incase auto hide is not turned on and I'll still take my View, View Full screen so not even the arrows are showing to accidentally hover over and cause the panel to reappear.  While I'm just asking for stuff here.  A Mr. Do emulator would also be a plus. Smiley Happy  Alt, Ctrl, M for that.