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Connectors for very Popular APIs (Youtube, Zoom, Facebook, Twitter, etc)

Alteryx should allow its users to easily connect to datasources that they need for their work. On post COVID-19 world, the use of virtual services/tools is increasing and more data is being generated on those platforms. Alteryx users are then getting requests to analyze the data to advise business on their performance on these platforms.


To name a few, here are platforms that are on focus of some business now:




Facebook (and Facebook Live)




All these platforms offer some sort of API solution to connect to business data. However the process to get all pieces together in Alteryx to put our hands in the data is daunting. For users that do not have a strong background in programing it is even worse.


Alteryx needs to catch up and provide standard connectors to these services. Connecting to ODBC databases is not enough anymore.




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Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @calloni, Alteryx provides and supports many cloud connectors out of the box (all of the tools in the 'Connectors' category) and even more than can be downloaded from the public gallery (Adobe, Google Analytics, Salesforce, etc.)


Also, If you right click on an area of the tool palette and then click 'show depreciated tools' you will find the Twitter tool appears, it don't think it is supported  more, but believe it still works.


You can also search the gallery, community or Google for some of the other platforms that you mentioned: Facebook, Instagram, etc.


And then like you say it is possible to build connectors yourself to any APIs and doesn't usually require programming skills, but a good understanding of Alteryx and then following API documentation. I know there's lots of content online that can hopefully help you with this, one could be the API webinar that my colleague @andyuttley ran here: