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Connector - Xero

There is no way to natively connect to Xero. We also cannot use the download tool to connect to the API as it requires an OAuth2 Bearer Token generation step. Documentation for Xero can be found here:


I would request a tool similar to the Salesforce Input tool to be created.

Suggested process:

  • Configuration Window to log into a Xero account
  • Configuration Window to select the following
    • 1 or more companies ("all" should also be an option)
    • The specific "table" or "api call" you want to query - for example the "Sales Invoice" Data
    • Date Range filter (both from + to date combination as well as some generic "this month", "previous month", "this quarter" kind of selections)

I would also request that this tool be developed so that it can run on Server and Analytics Hub so that we can run end to end automation.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Thank you for your idea!


Connectors is one of our more common ideas, so to help us prioritize and understand impact it would be super helpful for the greater community to provide their feedback and likes to show interest. If you haven't, be sure to review our Submission Guidelines, which go over the boards in a bit greater detail, and like and comment on any idea that would benefit you.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @Cobus ,


I know it doesn't solve your immediate need as cleanly as your suggestion, but as a workaround we've seen several groups who've done custom integrations to APIs using the Python tool; and then reused that across their team.


The quickest way is to get your API call (including the OAuth call) working in Postman - and once you have this, Postman will generate the Python for you and you can pop it straight into the Python tool in Alteryx.


6 - Meteoroid

Hi @SeanAdams 


Thanks for the suggestion. We have already gone through that approach and it works (mostly).

It's just not a nice clean solution for our clients, it would be better to have a centrally maintained tool we can point them too like the Salesforce tools I mentioned.