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Connections narrative

I tend to use a lot of the 'Names' for the connections. 
If you're not familiar with this option, or the above makes little sense, when you select a connector (line) on the canvas, within the configuration window, you can enter a 'Name' (or just some text) in the box, that will then appear on the canvas. 


I'd like this option to be expanded on. 


Rather than just putting in some text, I'd like the ability to have the text centred on the line between the tools. Maybe have the text a different colour. One definite option I'd like is for 'Wrap-Text'.


I tend to use this option to make notes on my workflow, as I find that it looks better than a comment box or tool annotation. It's useful if your workflow has multiple streams and you want to note what one stream does. 


As an example of how I use it: 


To be able to have this 'Wrapped' would make it so much neater. 


Only a 'small' change I guess(?)


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

hi @Rags1982, thanks for your idea! While I can't speak to the "smallness" of implementation, I do think this would resolve the issue of Comment tools not being able to be anchored to specific tools, which is a pain point when doing a lot of documentation.

8 - Asteroid

Exactly! Thanks @CristonS !
I use the comment tool a lot for general comments for a workflow, but when I need to annotate one individual stream the comment tool becomes cumbersome. 

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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