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Connection to SQL Server Analysis Services

Desperately looking for a way to connect to SQL Server Analysis Services through Alteryx as more and more of our large datasets from our older systems are moving to here in the next few months. We can connect using PowerBi with limitations (connecting 'Live' does not allow merge and connecting with Import, you need to use MDX or DAX syntax). We run into import and export limitations, too. We are not allowed access to the underlying tables, but the tables with the measures, dimensions and fields. PowerBi is a big step up from pivot tables, but Alteryx would be so much better. Ideas for connecting this up are are welcome!


Alteryx Certified Partner

Also, I want to connect to SQL Server Analysis through Alteryx. Is there any update?


Also inquiring about the SSAS connection.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

A lot of Alteryx customers us SQL Server as the data repository for data from legacy systems.  Basically they copy the data from legacy into SQL Server with little or no changes to the data.  Then they use SSAS to gather they data for reporting.  Most of the time our Alteryx Designer users do not have access to the SQL Server source tables and only can access the SSAS Tabular tables, which is not the same as RDMS tables




In this case, in roder to connect ourself to the SSAS Tabular tables what kind of connectors do we need to use in Alteryx ?