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Connection file for Output Data tool


To insert and update rows to our Oracle database, we're mostly using the output data tool (especially updating, since it's not available for Oracle via the in-DB tools). The output data tool just has more options to choose from versus the in-DB toolset (screenshot 1). 


However, the one thing that we would really like to see in the output data tool is the option to connect to a database via a connection file (like f.e. in the connect in-db or data stream in tool, see screenshot 2). The thing is, we can set an encrypted connection in the output data tool (and upload it to our Gallery). However, doing this for 80 workflows and 10 output tools per flow makes it quite a annoying task to do. We're not the administrators of our Gallery and want to be able to run the workflows locally as well. Therefore, in my opinion, it would be great to utilize the connection file function in the output data tool, it provides the option to centrally manage your db connections without being dependent on a server administrator.


Screenshot 1



Screenshot 2