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Connect All Function (Multiple Points of Origin, One Point Destination)

In instances where many tools need to be connected to one tool, I think a "Connect All" type of function might be useful.


For example if you had 4 threads of data that all ended in a select tool and needed to be connected to a Join Multiple tool, you could grab all of the select tools and the Join Multiple tool, right click, and then select "Connect All" which would connect each select tool to the Join Multiple tool.


I think this could be implemented a few ways:


1) Right-click and select action

2) Keyboard shortcut

3) Holding shift on a selection of origin tools and then clicking on the shared destination tool


I've added a screenshot of a quick Photoshop representation of this idea.


connect all feature idea.png


10 - Fireball

Would especially be good at the beginning when there is a common join field or a single record output from each of the contributing tools.

14 - Magnetar

Does the "View Possible Connections" option accomplish what you're looking for here?

You'd have to select ONLY the Join Multiple tool or ONLY the Select tools, but I think this would help with the ask?