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Configuration Option to Provide Detailed SQL At Update or Insert Time

Hello Alteryx Dev Gurus - 


We are migrating and some workflows that used to successfully update a datasource are now giving a useless error message, "An unknown error occurred".  


Back in my coding days, we could configure the ORM to be highly verbose at database interaction time to the point where you could tell it to give you every sql statement it was trying to execute, and this was extremely useful at debug time.  Somewhere down the pipe Alteryx is generating a sql statement to perform an update, so why not have something on the Runtime tab that says, 'Show all SQL statements for Output tools'?  Or allow it on an Output tool by Output tool basis?  If this was possible by changing a log4j properties file 15 years ago, I'm pretty sure it can be done today.  


Thank you for attending my TED talk on how allowing for detailed sql statements to bubble back up to the user would be a useful feature improvement.  

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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Thank you for your idea!


This is a really interesting insight into how you, and other users, might like to see our troubleshooting features evolve. Be sure to share this idea with anyone who might find benefit in this kind of update as it really helps our product team gauge interest on ideas like this.