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Compatibility with Proxy Auto Configure (PAC) Scripts

As of today, Alteryx is not compatible with PAC, althouth it is pretty common in companies.


Asking for a few machine to be out of the GPO may be a real struggle with IT security and has only a few chances to succeed. I have a case when we cannot do an upgrade because of that regression (since old licensing seems to be ok).


Please change

Status changed to: Implemented

Hi everyone, I am very pleased to announce that the new version of the Power BI connector has been released and can be downloaded from our Gallery


The new version lets you select a workspace you want to work with, supports multiple multiple tables in a dataset, lets you overwrite, update, append or upsert data without breaking your dashboards and work in environments with proxy server as well. 

The most recent Alteryx Designer and Server, i.e. the 2021.2 version, is required. 


Vojta, PM for Data Connectors