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Combine the Container and Comment Tools

When I use the Comment Tool its difficult to select the tools inside it, but when I use the Container Tool the Container Text doesn't support Font Sizes, and doesn't support multiple lines of text so I end up moving the Comment into the Container, but still have problems selecting a group of tools.


So a combined Comment and Container Tools would be wonderful!


Bonus: If the Comment Tool could support Multiple Font Sizes.


Combined Tools.png


Sounds good to me Smiley Happy

Your idea gave me the idea to put a comment inside a container.  I like it.

The comment can be sent to the back inside the container.
I haven't noticed that it interferes with the tools in the container.

Yeah, this is a great idea.  Would be a real time saver.


I  like this idea. It would make documenting the container and the workflow so much easier!


With the Combined tool make sure the a Header and Footer comment section be available, and user Selectable columns to place any other comments inside the Container.

Header and Footer Comments.png