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Check inputs are valid before running worklfow

Here's a great idea and one that would save me ALOT of pain.


Can Alteryx validate that all of the inputs are valid before it begins to run a workflow?


For example, I am running a workflow that takes 4-5 mins to run each time, but it will only tell me that a file is missing or a connection is invalid when it needs to read that particular file/input (this could be one of the last tools to be read). What would be amazing is to have all the inputs checked first and then run the workflow.


Love you guys



Part time Tableau, Part Time Alteryx. Full Time Awesome

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ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Off the top of my head, could you create separate workflow(s) to check the files and throw an error if there are no records or something, but otherwise export as yxdb, then connect those to your current workflow with runners?