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Change the default field length for a Text File Input from 254

The default (option 7 below) often causes problems with imports and is difficult for new users to find and I see no reason for the option to be so low. Can it be set higher to aid parsing of larger text fields e.g. parsing HTML files as text.



12 - Quasar

An alternative would be to add a warning that the data was truncated at the input stage.

7 - Meteor

I agree that a warning is needed that says the data was truncated in the input tool and to reset the field length..

7 - Meteor

@chris_love Where are you getting this Options window you've copied above? I'm trying work around this field character limit issue and do not see a Field length section in the configuration window. Same question for a simple text input tool, the character limit causes truncated data issue

 configuration tool2018-11-14_13-06-43.jpg

8 - Asteroid

@BlakeFox I believe you'll see a Field Length when you import it as csv. 

8 - Asteroid

This issue also affects the Crew Runner macro causing it to truncate the log entries at 254 characters. This post isn't a bug submission for that, but just to highlight how widespread the problem posted by the OP is and still ongoing years later. Maybe Alteryx can step up and fix a problem without putting it up to a "vote"? My hopes aren't up.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Accepting Votes