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Change anchor abreviation order on macros

You could create an area under the Interface Designer - Properties when editing a macro that allows users to select the order the anchor abreviations will appear on the final macro. This is useful if we want an input or output to be at the top, for example. Currently, the only way is by deleting and adding them again on the corect order. Not user friendly. Thank you!


Does @MarqueeCrew's video here solve it for you?


Alteryx Partner

@patrick_digan Thank you so much!!! I did not know about this option being available already! 

@gabrielvilella Glad to help! I was also unaware of the feature until @MarqueeCrew showed me. 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

@gabrielvilella & @patrick_digan 


always glad to share

Status changed to: Implemented

You can do this! Click on the Tree View in the Interface Designer, select one of your Macro Inputs. Move it before or after another Macro Input. Save the Macro. The order of the input Anchors changes.