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Change Annotation Width

I just want to be able to make the width of annotations customizable. Yes, you can use comment boxes, but those aren't tied to any tools in any meaningful way. There is all this room to write out an annotation in the configuration window, but eventually on the canvas, it will be cutoff. Also, this isn't exactly the most friendly way to read.


I think being able to customize a canvas setting for max width would be awesome. It could be under the canvas tab of the workflow configuration. Additionally, the ability to adjust the width tool-by-tool could also be really helpful.



7 - Meteor

i think you may have a comment tool instead. 

5 - Atom
Great idea! Additionally, it would be great if the annotations can be 'exported' or included in documentation to essentially provide a process flow document for the workflow.
6 - Meteoroid

@Pang_Hee_Choy I absolutely agree, this is certainly where a comment tool might be used. To be honest, that annotation was so long just for the sake of being long. However, a comment box is not necessarily tied to any given tool unless manual documentation is added saying so.

@Faye_Karas Yes!!! I feel like I've seen this before, so I'm not sure it is a new feature, but that is the idea, to make annotations that much more useful. If I see it again, I will let you know!