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Cass Update Workflow

I am bringing this over from this post.


It would be really cool to have a workflow that you could configure to your server that we could schedule to pull down the new Cass updates and install them. Since they have to be reinstalled every two months, it would help to manage that.


I think that the data updates are set up with an FTP site, Cass could be done essentially the same way. Download it there and then use the command module to run the install? I may be over simplifying the process but it seems like this is something that Alteryx could tackle.


Absolutely agree!!


Even better - why not make this part of the server configuration (to download latest copies of CASS data for distribution locally, so that local clients in a corporate network can download from the central server rather than hitting the internet)?


I think we are on to something here! We need to make this happen. I don't know how to do it but if anyone wants to jump on a call and try building it out, let me know!