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CASS Data install non admin requirement



When working with my company’s IT department, they do not allow employees to have admin rights to their computers. This becomes problematic when trying to use the CASS download and not being able to install it. Is there a way to get the CASS data install to be a non-admin like the Alteryx tool? This would be very helpful!!


Thank you


I think this may be the issue I have too. I downloaded it but the banner telling me the update is available doesnt go away?


Hey @Talbanese - there's another suggestion out there under ideas to make the data downloads (like CASS) a capability that can be done from the server ( @Treyson logged it), and then pushed down to the designer clients - if you have a server env in your workplace this may be the ideal way to solve the problem because then you also know that any workflows deployed to prod server will also work?


Possibly worth adding your support to that suggestion too since central download would ensure consistency across the entire team? 

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