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Bring back Save, undo and re-do buttons to the new UI in 2018.4

I think I'm liking the new UI, but I think it's necessary to bring back save, undo and re-do buttons....


1. Frequent saving of workflows is crucial and not everyone uses keyboard shortcuts

2. The ability to undo (lots) of changes is a key part of iterating and rapidly building workflows in Alteryx and again not everyone uses keyboard shortcuts to do this.


Looks like there's potentially space to add this to the right of 'help' (I suspect this might be technically quiet difficult) or to the left of 'run', 'schedule' and 'active documents' as seen in the image below.


Out of interest, where has the 'documents' terminology come from?


2018-11-14 22_12_14-Alteryx Designer x64 - PureGym Log In.yxmd_.png




5 - Atom

Please bring back the old buttons

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Happy one year anniversary to this post!

Status changed to: Coming Soon

Thank you for your feedback, this feature should be available again in an upcoming release!

11 - Bolide

Good!  No hunger strike then.

6 - Meteoroid

What version is the change slated for?


Hi @StarTrader,


Unfortunately our product team cannot provide exact versions for when a feature is slated to release until the actual release has pasted. However this idea has been updated to Coming Soon, so this feature should be available in the near future.


5 - Atom

Put the File Open, Close, Save, Save As and New Workflow Icons back.


These icons were visible before but now they aren't.  This slows me down quite a bit.




5 - Atom

I don't understand why these options are 'taken away'! Alteryx could add an option for the user to able to toggle them on or off like any other application.

Status changed to: Implemented

The toolbar has been brought back for the 20.2 release! Thank you for all of the feedback around this. We have changed the location of the toolbar compared to the 2018.3 release, but you will find all of the undo/redo/save/open/cut/paste button functionality in the title bar of the application for the 20.2 release.


You may download the latest version of Alteryx Designer at

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar